Schwab Connection Issues

I am updated to 37.25 on windows
I deactivated all my "zz" Schwab accounts
I attempted to reactivate my accounts

most of my accounts went ok. however i have a problem with 3 IRA accounts. Here are the details:

I have 2 IRA accounts (Roth and Trad)
My wife has 1 traditional IRA account
My wife has a completely separate login from me
**** all 3 account numbers end in the same 3 digits (what are the odds of that?)

when I reactivated my accounts, quicken linked my Roth IRA account at Schwab to my wife's IRA account in Quicken. my traditional IRA account wasn't linked to any account in Quicken, even though Schwab reports the account is linked to quicken. I am speculating that Quicken is only using the last 3 digits of an account number to control account linking. *IF SO, THIS IS RIDICULOUS*. why can't i control which schwab accounts link to which quicken account like I could before?

I deactivated my wife's incorrectly linked IRA account in quicken, and then linked my wife's accounts at Schwab. All her accounts linked fine.

At this point my 2 IRA accounts are not linked to anything in Quicken.
I went back to the Schwab Security page, and deselected my IRA accounts as being linked in Quicken.
I went back to Quicken and went through the process again to link my IRA accounts with Schwab.
However, after completion, Quicken hasn't linked the 2 IRA accounts, but Schwab reports they are linked.

So how do I get my 2 IRA accounts to link now? All my other accounts at Schwab are already linked. Do I have to deactivate all of them again, retry, and pray that the linking chooses the right account this time?

P.S. In some of the accounts that are linked, Quicken downloaded transactions that are already reconciled in my Register. It matched some of them, but some related to dividend reinvestment are not matched, they are new. I can accept the matches, but that changes the reconcile back to cleared. If I accept the "new" transactions, then I have to go back and individually delete them. If I delete the "new" transactions without accepting them in the register, They show back up when I restart quicken without downloading anything. Is there a way to delete all the downloaded transactions without accepting them in the register and make them stay gone? I can delete them 1-by-1, but that takes forever (its downloading transactions from the last YEAR+).


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    I hope your post, and others on the Schwab connection debacle, get some meaningful response.  At least you could deactivate your Schwab accounts - I can't even do that - deactivate button does nothing.

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