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I'm setting up a new computer for a friend. I installed Quicken 2015 on a Windows 11 computer but it never gets to the basic Quicken screen so I can restore it from his backup. The installation process keeps asking for a file. When I choose the backup, it says it isn't the right one, or it asks me where I want to install the backup file.
Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.


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    Would appreciate your suggestions.
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    After installing Q 2015 from your original CD or a saved downloaded installation file, did you also go to and download and install the Release 17.4 Mondo patch file? That's needed to get started.
    Are you getting a message similar to that:
    "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP120.Dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."?
    If so, you need to download and install the 32-bit (x86) version  of this C++ redistributable:

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    Thanks. I'll try that. I'm not getting the error messages you listed but the program won't install to the point where I can restore the backup. Hopefully your suggestion will solve the problem. Thanks.
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