Schwab Download Mess - This Worked for Me

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Starting a new thread, as I finally got things to work with my Schwab downloads. [Removed - Disruptive] I hope this save others some of the frustration that I experienced.

Here’s the steps I followed:

1. Installed the latest mondo patch from the Quicken website. Confirmed that I was running Version 37.25

2. Went to my account list and made sure that online services were deactivated for all my Schwab accounts.

3. Using the Tools drop down, clicked Add Account. From there, searched for Charles Schwab and selected “Schwab – Investor C”.

4. Entered my credentials and then linked my Schwab accounts to the appropriate accounts in Quicken.

5. The above process led to the download of literally hundreds of random transactions that had long been entered, cleared, and reconciled. I had to delete each one individually from the download list in each of Schwab account to prevent them from becoming duplicate entries.

I have a lot of Schwab accounts, so this took me hours to complete. [Removed - Rant]

Again, I hope this helps others.


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    OK, check that. Everything worked when I did this. But now nothing happens when I click to download for an account or when I use One Step update. [Removed - Disruptive]
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