Schwab's issues may be exacerbated by lack of transactions before 2019 in some accts.

I believe I resolved my issue. I was able to reauthorize an investment acct and a savings but the savings had an erroneous opening balance and ending balance. Upon checking my Quicken register and my register on Schwab it was apparent Schwab had no transactions prior to 2019 to compare to. I realized the discrepancy was when Schwab updated my register it did so lacking 2 years of interest inputs and the strange negative opening balance and ending balance. So, I changed the opening balance to 0 and then my ending balance was in line except for 44 cents which was the interest earned for those missing 2 years. I did a balance adjustment line item, then updated the account again and Schwab left as is. If your issue is with a Schwab Savings acct, check your online register to see if your too only goes back 2-3 years. You may find a discrepancy as simple as I found.
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