Schwab download problems after reauthorization [Edited]

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I just downloaded this AM after updating my checking and and savings accounts due to Schwab changes. I had a couple of big issues. 1) Already cleared transactions downloaded. Not even from a certain date, just hit or miss. 2) my online balance is showing 0. So I can't reconcile automatically... HELPPPPPPP!


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    The last issue that needs to be resolved, is that the password vault didn't get rid of the zz connection. I manually turned it off, but I can't delete it.
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    I can't change the "Direct Connect" feature of one of my zzSchwab accounts
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    I was finally able to Update my Schwab accounts and when I tried to tell others about it the old discussion category "Charles Schwab Update Issues (WINDOWS)" had been closed...
    I started a new discussion "Closed Schwab Update Problem" to hear from those still fighting the issue.
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    CORRECTION: The new discussion title is "Schwab Update Problem (Window) Resolved?" in the "Quicken for Windows› Download, Add/Update Accounts (Windows)" area.
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    Hello all:

    Several new issues, which appear to be related to the Schwab - Quicken change in connectivity, have become apparent to me, after waiting until Monday, 11/22/2021, for some resolution from Quicken and/or Schwab.  By the way the prior discussions were closed, it seemed that the issues might be resolved.  While the "re-authorization" process is now somewhat more functional, significant major problems with downloading data from Schwab remain, and new ones have become apparent.

    The good news:
    1.  The authorizing seemed to go OK.  There were some issues, but I was able to select existing Schwab accounts to link with, which appears to have allowed Quicken to access and download transactions from those Schwab accounts - 2 bank accounts and one brokerage account.  And they now all show up now as "(Express Web Connect+)" under the "Transaction Download" Column in my Account List.

    The not so good to horrible news - real problems that still need to be resolved:

    a) Towards the end of the re-authorization process, while still in the Schwab "window", (from within Quicken), there was a link to support changing your Schwab password, before returning to Quicken.  I followed the link, and appropriate steps, but it did not complete the password change; and there was no apparent closure to the re-authorization process. Quicken was "hung".  I exited Quicken by closing it, from Windows Task Manager.

    So, in summary, the link to change my Schwab password did not work.  I worked around this by going to Schwab directly, with Firefox, and completing a password change.  (For what it is worth, Schwab does not allow some special characters that I had tried, and has a silly limitation on the number of characters you can use, but doesn't bother to tell you what the rules are.  I had to experiment until I found a length and special characters that did work.  A totally Schwab issue, but is likely the reason the session to change my Schwab password, while still within Quicken, failed).  In any case, I returned to Quicken, and ran an update to my Schwab accounts, and after linking to my existing accounts, was able to download information, without apparent communications errors.

    b) However, as numerous other users have reported, I had around 30 to 50 duplicate transactions, starting in 2019, that downloaded into my Schwab Checking account.  A few were shown as "matched", most were not.  One new transaction, that I created this morning, by ordering a funds transfer via my web browser, and then manually entered into Quicken, was also downloaded, and correctly appeared as "matched" and cleared "c". 

    It appears the duplicate transactions were mostly because the register date for those transactions was different than the date associated with the downloaded transactions.  When I changed the register date on about 10 of them to the date that was listed with the downloaded transaction, they changed from "new" to "matched". Most had been matched, cleared, and reconciled more or less automatically, by Quicken, long ago.  Apparently the "new" process does not match transactions with those already in the register in the same way they were handled before.  In any case, I deleted most of these duplicate transactions and "matched" a few by editing the "date" in the register.  I suspect deleting these transactions may be related to the next problem, although it also has its own problem.

    c) In addition, as others have reported, Quicken changed my "starting" or "beginning" balance in the checking account, in 2009, from $0.00 to a large negative balance - in the thousands.  This may be related to the above issue, or it may be because Quicken failed to download the correct current balance.  Quicken showed the current account balance as $0.00.

    I edited the first transaction in the register, to correct the error, and now my current balance as shown by Quicken, is back to correct.  However, that creates a different issue.  Because I have set the software to reconcile using the online balance, and Quicken failed to download a correct "current balance", the Quicken reconcile function now shows the ending balance is off by the same large amount, and politely offers to fix it for me by adding a "placeholder" transaction.  That is not a useful solution.

    Clearly Quicken needs to download the correct "current balance" in order for these functions to work properly.  It is not currently doing so.

    d) Now I am seeing OL-362-A messages in both Vanguard and Wells Fargo Advisor accounts, which were working without issue yesterday.  The rest of the message states that "Your financial Institution has downloaded data for an account that does not exist in your Quicken data file".  There are no other accounts that have anything in them.  No do I want to download data from.  How do I stop Quicken from attempting to download data that is not relevant and has been, properly, ignored for years?

    Any suggestions to deal with these "next layer of the onion" issues would greatly appreciated.  I really appreciate @dchquick input over the weekend, along with all of the other comments on the forum.

    Quicken Subscription, Build,
    Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 OS build  19043.1348 Exp 120.2212.3920.0
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    @BobC re: your last point "d)" - I was having the same trouble after the Schwab reconfiguration, and found out that it was just a matter of closing Quicken and then re-launching Quicken, after which I was able to do a One Step Update with no OL-362-A errors. Weird but easy resolution, hopefully it stays that way.
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    @Rob41 re your response - thank you.  Indeed, it worked for me as well.  I'm with you on hoping it stays fixed.
    Quicken Subscription, Build,
    Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 OS build  19043.1348 Exp 120.2212.3920.0
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    I too had previously transactions upload to both of my Schwab accounts. There was a time delay between me going through the reauthorization nightmare and Schwab (or Quicken) downloading a boat load of transactions. For two days, nothing odd downloaded during the One Step Update, but this morning, literally HUNDREDS of Matched, Near Match, and New transaction suddenly downloaded.

    It would seem my only option right now is to manually unmatch and then delete the duplicate transactions. If I accept Matched transactions, I've got to reconcile them again, which won't be possible for me to even attempt until I get the November Schwab statements.

    If it was a small handful of transactions, I'd suffer through the manual update approach. But with two years of transactions to contend with one at a time - each one a two step process, I would hope and pray that there's some way to avoid that.

    For now, I've reverted to yesterday's backup. I will stay out of Quicken until I have the November Statements, and try accepting all and reconciling to see if they'll clear. I'm skeptical.

    Is anyone else suffering this same experience? If so, do you have a solution?

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    I also had previously "RECONCILED or DOWNLOADED"...