Schwab Express Web Connect update: Found temp workaround

I spent 3 hrs with level 2 tech support today with no progress in reconnecting my Schwab accounts to the updated transaction download method (Express Web Connect). After the call, I experimented with various login credentials. The upshot is that all of my Schwab brokerage accounts (7) were mapped into Schwab bank. I happen to have a Pledged Asset credit line which is part of Schwab Bank, not the normal Schwab brokerage which is a separate entity, so it could be my case is restricted to those who have both Schwab brokerage and bank accounts. Nevertheless, here is what I did:

1. Deactivate all online access for Schwab accounts.
(along the way I also followed other instructions to delete the 'zz' in the Financial Institution box, as well as Tools/Online ctrl-shift to update the FI list; described elsewhere. I also updated the sw to R37.25)
2. from Tools/Add Account... search for 'Charles Schwab', select 'Charles Schwab Bank - Investor C' (NOT Charles Schwab & Co).
3. When prompted, enter your login credentials the same as for Charles Schwab & Co.
4. If all goes well, you will be presented with the table of all Schwab accounts, and then you map the Schwab accounts to your existing Quicken accounts by account name. In most cases, you select 'link to existing account', but also if there are accounts which are irrelevant, then select 'Do not add to Quicken'.

Some observations which indicate there are still some issues:
1. Updating transactions from within an account (from the 'gear' icon in upper right) does not update anything.
2. There is no 'Last download' status in the account header under the account name.
3. There was for a brief time a feature called 'Reconcile Holdings' (or similar name) under the 'gear' icon in upper right, this was nice to make sure your Quicken holdings were sync'd your brokerage. But for some reason it was removed at least in the sw version noted above.

A word to the wise: make a working copy of the data.qdf and play with that copy until you figure out what works. If you do make a copy (and you should), deactivate the online services in the main copy for all Schwab accounts since there appears to be a limitation in the Quicken server that only allows one data file to connect to Express Web Connect.


  • redexces
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    Here is another issue/observation:
    When performing a One-step update, the Schwab accounts do not appear to be updating, this is probably related to #2 observation above. Apparently, the accounts sync when first performing the account mapping described above, but thereafter are not updating it appears.
  • woppenhe
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    Quicken and Schwab simply no longer work together. Quicken should admit it, and then resolve the error and then have us invest some time. They are doing it backward right now.
  • woppenhe
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    Their Premium service line is not open after 'business hours' which is of no help to most of us using it in the evenings. They need to rethink this. I am looking for a new program now. [removed - no solicitation]
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