Charles Schwab Download Error (Its not your fault, try again, etc) - Solved?

I finally got the new Schwab download to work this evening in my Quicken for windows.
I did do the mondo patch and also updated the profile as instructed.

How I was able to link all my Schwab brokerage is the following (the key is in step 3)

1. After deactivating the account, I selected the schwab account in Quicken and selected "set up online" under the edit online settings.
2. Went through the process to enter Schwab login id and password and account number. 3. It went to the process where it got to the error message (its not your fault, etc) It then offers to 1) try again later or 2) add account manually. DONT PICK EITHER. Pick the button at the bottom of that window - there are two more buttons there - one says "Start Over" and one says Cancel. Pick START OVER.
4. Now a new window will come that explains the changes, and after you hit next a couple times, it will let you log into your schwab account using username and password (doesnt ask for account here).
5. Once in, you get boilerplate on connecting and you agree to the terms, then you accept these.
6. Then it will find your multiple accounts and let you link to your existing accounts as you are used to seeing.
7. It will take a couple minutes, but eventually you will have the last 1066 days of transactions downloaded, the vast majority being matches, but some being new or near match. Review those, and then accept. Then you should be in business.

Hope this is helpful!


  • nightowl1962
    nightowl1962 Member ✭✭
    A correction from me on what stuff says for step 3 was closer to below

    I should have said for step 3 :

    3. It went through the process where it got to the error message (its not your fault, etc) It then suggests
    1) Try again (this hangs everything)
    2) add transactions manually. ( i never picked this)

    DONT PICK EITHER. Pick the "Start Over" button at the bottom of that window - of the 2 buttons one says "Start Over" and one says "Cancel". Pick "START OVER".
  • rozbod
    rozbod Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the suggestion, nightowl1962!

    I have been through a lot of the same steps, including updating to Version R36.38. (that is the most recent available to me)

    This only affects ONE of several of my Schwab accounts. I keep getting to error message (its not your fault, etc), but I see no ""Start Over" button at the bottom of that window".

    Any further suggestions?
  • jgbohm
    jgbohm Member
    It seems as though Quicken and Schwab finally all came together this morning. Thanks for all the hard work.
  • KernBuckle
    KernBuckle Member ✭✭
    After Schwab download error, Quicken says to "Click the ReAuthorize Button". I do not see a ReAuthorize option. Any other ways to fix this issue?
  • Rob_C
    Rob_C Member ✭✭
    I went through the process and now the One Step Update Summary shows the accounts updated and a number of transactions but none of the transactions show up in the files. I am not getting an error message so I do not know how to fix the issue.
  • Al503
    Al503 Member ✭✭
    After I re-authorized all my Schwab account, last night my One step update only downloaded transactions for only one of my accounts, the other got an error message that they could not find the account that match the same name. I had to change the nicknames in Schwab and Quicken to match for each account. I then went through the re-authorize process and then the One step update and this time the transaction downloaded. So if you are not getting all your expected trransactions, check if the account names match in Schwab with the name you have for the accounts in Quicken.
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