Access to Schwab Accounts after EWC+ Transition

After transitioning to Schwab Express Web Connect+, and accepting the Schwab terms and conditions, has anyone had success accessing accounts with the following type of registrations?

1. Donor advised fund account
2. Brokerage account registered as a general partnership owned by several individuals. Each individual has full authorization on the account and there is no power of attorney on the account.

Using Quicken for Windows V37.25 and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as the financial institution.


  • Dean2
    Dean2 Member ✭✭
    Just spoke with Schwab tech support. As part of their changes to download processes for 3rd party software (such as Quicken), Schwab decided to no longer support downloads for LLC accounts. I think this answers your question. The tech did say that Schwab management does listen to customer feedback. I will be providing feedback through my Investment Advisor. At the very least Schwab should have informed affected customers in advance, rather than letting the Quicken advisors struggle with a problem that is not of their making.
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