Error OL 220 A with payments to BOA

I have been a longtime Quicken user and recorded thousands of transactions through BOA. Last week, I sent 5 transactions via Quicken through BOA. It didn't seem to go through. So I updated again. I received the error message "OL 220A- Quicken is unable to complete your request." This occurred multiple times. I tried deleting the transactions and I get the error message :"This is an online payment that was sent as part of an uncompleted online connection. You must complete the connection before you can change or delete this payment." The message boards suggested calling BOA. I did. Not pretty. I was cut off twice. One person had never heard of Quicken. Then I got through to a technical support person who couldn't figure it out and told me to call Quicken.

Does any one have any idea as to how to resolve this? Should I ignore these and try to enter the transactions again and see if they go through? Are there technical terms I can use with BOA tech support which might help? HELP!!
Thanks for your help.


  • Quicken Alyssa
    Hello @CraigFutterman,

    Thank you for coming to the Community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize that you are having difficulties. 

    If you have not already, please use this Knowledge Base article for this specific error and let us know how this goes. Thank you.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • CraigFutterman
    Hello Alyssa, Thank you for responding. I have tried everything in the article. I called Bank of America 3 times. The first person I spoke with did not know what Quicken was. The second person was transferring me and then I got cut off. Finally, I spoke with someone who said he couldn't help me and asked me to speak with Quicken. I am very frustrated. I also ran a validation of the file as well as trying to reset the account in the Online services tab. Nothing has worked.
    The last thing I was thinking about doing was creating a new account for Bank of America, but wasn't sure how much difficulty that would bring. I have been using Quicken since version 1 in the mid 1980s. I have to get this fixed. Any other ideas would be welcome.
  • CraigFutterman
    What about this? I no longer user the current Bank of America Quicken account and open a new BoA account. Will I get the same error? Will I need to redo all of my setups such as memorized transactions, etc..?
  • CraigFutterman
    I may have figured this out.
    I backed up everything first
    I then right clicked on the the BOA account.
    I clicked on the Tab named Online Services.
    I then Clicked on Deactivate. (this deactivates my on line connection with BOA. Nothing happened to my
    BOA account on Quicken or at BOA).
    I then activated the Online services and everything worked. All the activities which didn't download before downloaded. I had deleted the 5 transactions prior to this and sent them out directly from BOA website.
    I hope this helps someone.
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