Barclays CC not letting me "add it to Quicken" when it already exists but doesn't download

After setting up my Barclays Delaware credit card account with a new card, I stopped being able to download credit card transactions from the account with one-step update. I unchecked the account from one-step update, but every time I do an update it pops up and asks me to "sign in go set up in Quicken". I put in the user name and PW for the Barclays account in Quicken (Premium for Windows 2020), it finds the correct account but gives me only the Action "Don't add to Quicken" with no options. When I go into the Quicken account, it again asks me to sign in despite the login info being in my Password Vault. When I put in the information, it actually logs me in and downloads, then gives me an error message. What's going on?


  • Hello @Bill Hoffman,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize for the delayed response. 

    Can I have you Save a Backup of your file? Once that is done, go to Tools>Account List. Click Edit next to the account you are having issues with. Go to the Online Services tab and click Deactivate. Once it has been deactivated, click Ok. From the bottom right corner of the Account List, click on Add Account. Choose the financial institution and follow the prompts. When the accounts have been found, make sure the action column shows that it is Linking the account back to the original one in your Quicken.

    Do let us know how this goes and whether or not it resolves your issue. Thank you.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Bill Hoffman
    Bill Hoffman Member ✭✭
    Thanks, Alyssa. Quicken Jade suggested I validate my Quicken file and then do the deactivation and add account to fix the process. On her page I detail the frustrating back and forth between my Barclay account and Schwab account pages - a big do-loop. I asked whether doing this live with a Quicken person controlling my computer might help resolve the issue. Clearly there is a bizarre interaction between my Barclay and Schwab accounts in Quicken.
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