Adding category to split transaction

I am having a recurring problem when I add a category to a split transaction. Here is what I happens:

1. I open the split transaction box.
2. I start to type in a category name. If the category is a subcategory that does not have a word in the category name, I start typing it and it fills in and then I hit tab and go to the memo column. That works fine.
3. But, let's say I have a category that I use a lot and the same word is in the category name and is also in each subcategory. Think Auto for example. So let's say the category I want to use is Auto:Auto General. When I start typing Auto the category field fills in with that subcategory. I see it is filled in, so I hit Tab. I then get a dialog box asking me if I want to create a new category with the name "Auto"? I then have to say "no" and then I have to go back to the category and even though the name is filled in on the line I have to manually select the specific subcategory (Auto General) from the dropdown.

The problem here is that when it looks like my category has filled in on the line I automatically want to hit Tab to go to the next column. But, I get this message asking me to add a category which I don't want to do. Is there any way to solve this other than change the category and subcategory names so that no words are repeated (this can be very difficult for some subcategories).


  • Quicken Alyssa
    Hello @Koshkaboo,

    Thank you for choosing to come to the community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize for the delayed response. 

    I do see what you mean and I have also experienced this on my own. The only way around it is to start typing in the category and then select the correct subcategory manually. Unfortunately, as you have noticed, when you have multiple categories/subcategories with similar wording, you do need to type more in or manually select them. There is no way for Quicken to just know which to apply. 

    That being said, I am a little confused as to why you are being asked if you want to create a new category. I would think that once you type some of the category name in, it would start to populate categories. So then when you tab over it should apply the closest category to what you typed in. Unless of course, there is no category matching what you typed in. 

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this. Thank you.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Koshkaboo
    Koshkaboo Member ✭✭
    Yes, what you are confused about is what confusing me. It fills in a category name that exists but then it asks if I want to create the category. That is what confuses me. I would think it would work as you suggest but it doesn't.

    In the meantime I have handled this by renaming my categories so that this tends to not occur. It occasionally happens now but not all the time as it was happening with this one particular category that I often used. Renaming it has cut down on this a lot
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