Unable to download option transactions from Schwab

After going through reactivation of Schwab account, it is not downloading any new transactions including options. I have installed jumbo patch R37.25 prior to reactivation


  • rhone
    rhone Member ✭✭
    Same issue, also cannot download option quotes since November 17.
  • maeagle
    maeagle Member ✭✭
    My option quotes are 3 days old (nov 21) and Cd quotes go back to Nov 12...Prices Not updating since Schwab transition. Only stock prices updating so account values are not even close to Schwab values.
  • Rob Steckbeck
    Same. on version 36.45 and all equity / ETF /mutual funds prices are updating, but options are not. I'm not sure if option transactions are downloading, as I manually entered. But need option prices to update.
  • Stu
    Stu Member ✭✭✭
    I'm getting my Schwab transaction info again, thankfully. However, any new options trades have a different naming format from the past - e,g,

    what used to be: CALL : APPLE INC - AAPL 12/10/2021 162.50 C
    is now: CALL APPLE INC $162.5 EXP 12/10/21

    This messes up any name sorting or security selection in custom Quicken reports.

    It seems Quicken has decided to just adopt the format used by Schwab rather than taking the symbol and constructing the option name according to what Quicken would like. Fortunately the option quote symbol has not changed.

    Although the transactions are coming through, the quotes are clearly not as others have noted. Maybe it has something to do with the change in option naming convention between Schwab and Quicken?
  • ssohani
    ssohani Member ✭✭
    It is still not downloading option transactions for me. When I tried 'update transactions', something flashed which looked like transactions and disappeared
  • CocoaPuff
    CocoaPuff Member ✭✭
    I am seeing similar behavior with transaction downloads using EWC+. In my situation Security Names used for descriptions in downloaded transactions for trades and dividends are in format I see on the Schwab website and these do not exactly match the existing Security Names in my Quicken file. Rather than accepting the downloaded transaction, I have to edit the transaction and select an existing Security Name to avoid creating a new security. Once the edited transaction has been entered the original downloaded transaction needs to be deleted. This introduces manual steps in the acceptance process and defeats the automation of downloading and accepting transactions. I am at least getting transactions to download.

    Using Quicken Premier R37.25 on Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • JSchimpff
    JSchimpff Member ✭✭
    After a couple of weeks fighting through the Schwab online update issues I have finally gotten our Schwab accounts updating. I still have the issue with options contracts. I cannot get the pricing to update. Anyone found a workaround?
  • scomisk
    scomisk Member ✭✭
    I havn't had a CD price update since Nov 17.
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