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I have not been able to download stock option quotes since November 17. Stock quotes (EOD) download, however only the closing price. My accounts are with Schwab and needed about an hour of assistance from Quicken support this Monday to get access to Schwab accounts. After resolved the access issues investment transactions did not update from Schwab online accounts into Quicken Premier with version 37.25 installed. Tech support using screen share observed the situation and suggested I wait 24 hours and try again. Last night, I noted Ticket #9008252 pertaining to transaction download issues had been updated in the community boards. The update states download issues were corrected in version This patch works, however, still on stock option quote downloads. Anyone familiar with a fix?

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  • krishna
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    For a bunch of options I had to go change the symbol from having double spaces between the ticker and the date that fixed it. However, there is one option remaining for which this doesn't seem to work, and I am not sure how to resolve it.


  • maeagle
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    option prices and cd prices are not updating for me either...some stuck on Nov 12, others Nov 21. Still waiting for a fix. This is not acceptable. Schwab and Quicken are also miscounting number of shares on both type of securties.
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    For me, not seeing quotes since 11/8
  • PAUser
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    I'm not able to update option prices from a Schwab account either.
  • rhone
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    With mondo update 37.37 released yesterday 12/1 enabled me to get quotes again
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    I'm on 37.37 and still no options quotes. Last updates were on 11/12.
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    Having exactly the same problem. Spent a few hours over two days with Quicken Techs trying to get Schwab account working again, but account balances between Schwab online and Quicken/Schwab still do not match. Have isolated the problem to stock option prices, but can't get it fixed.
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    Upvoting this. Same issues with equity and index option prices not updating after 37.37 install. I noticed an option "symbol" format change too. Not sure if it changed at Schwab or just on the ofx response mapping. May provide some clues while debugging.
    CALL : SPDR S&P 500 - SPY 12/17/2021 446.00 C
    Is now:
    CALL SPDR S&P 500 $466 EXP 01/21/22

    (yes, these are different months and different strikes)
  • rhone
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    Update: I spoke with Quicken Customer Support on Monday and confirmed they are aware of the issue, however, could provide no indication when it would be resolved.
  • krishna
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    For a bunch of options I had to go change the symbol from having double spaces between the ticker and the date that fixed it. However, there is one option remaining for which this doesn't seem to work, and I am not sure how to resolve it.
  • rhone
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    Rely to krishna: Thanks for your post. I followed your example leaving only a single space between the ticker symbol and expiration date, and the issue was resolved.
  • molehill
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    Reply to Krishna: Thanks Krishna. Worked for me as well. Oddly, some of the tickers had more than 2 spaces between the underlying stock name and the option date, but formatting all of them to one space between the stock name and the option date seemed to work. For those just joining this discussion, if you click on an option in the Portfolio display you'll bring up a box with your holdings for that option. If you click on "Edit Details" (box on the left) you'll get an editable display that includes the symbol. After correcting the symbol and clicking "Ok" you will be asked about price history. Check the "Delete" box and click "Ok". When the Edit Details box closes, click on "Update" and it will refresh the price history for that option.
  • Don St Peter
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    So I finally got a Stock option quotes from TD Ameritrade ( Schwab now) downloaded with the latest Quicken update R36.48 on December 8. It was a ONE time download....now when I try to update I get completely kicked out of Quicken......Great job Quicken!!
  • c1916
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    I noticed that I am having the same problem as the original poster. After the Schwab matters related to downloaded transactions was resolved, I have never received an updated price quote on any of my options holdings.

    None of my options have the spacing problem discussed above (no double spacing in the name), yet all of my holdings have the grayed out clock indicating that the pricing is out of date. In some cases it is hundreds of dollars per contract out of whack.

    I do not consider this matter closed and, would like to add my voice to those experiencing this problem and politely request a solution. The "Net Worth" screen is worthless if it's off by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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    This is frustrating as I can not download cd or option prices either since this transition. The powers that be should be able to fix this. It worked before the transition.
  • BAKanyon74
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    I've bought some options and tried to enter them manually but Quicken doesn't accept any of the option formats that I enter as valid. No help from the Quicken help search. Any ideas?
  • This is very frustrating as it is not working
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