Option quotes not downloading

I have not been able to download stock option quotes since November 17. Stock quotes (EOD) download, however only the closing price. My accounts are with Schwab and needed about an hour of assistance from Quicken support this Monday to get access to Schwab accounts. After resolved the access issues investment transactions did not update from Schwab online accounts into Quicken Premier with version 37.25 installed. Tech support using screen share observed the situation and suggested I wait 24 hours and try again. Last night, I noted Ticket #9008252 pertaining to transaction download issues had been updated in the community boards. The update states download issues were corrected in version This patch works, however, still on stock option quote downloads. Anyone familiar with a fix?


  • maeagle
    maeagle Member ✭✭
    option prices and cd prices are not updating for me either...some stuck on Nov 12, others Nov 21. Still waiting for a fix. This is not acceptable. Schwab and Quicken are also miscounting number of shares on both type of securties.
  • raopack
    raopack Unconfirmed, Member
    For me, not seeing quotes since 11/8