How to fix Synchrony Bank Store Cards one step update

The problem for me occurred in September of 2020 when quicken updated. My store cards (Amazon, Lowes, JC Penney) that are serviced through Synchrony Bank stopped one step updating. I searched the forums and could not find a solution to reconnect the web connect service with the pop up requesting log in information for and not the store card page. I could download transactions in .qfx files from the websites, and still import those transactions. Which has been my work around for the last year. Today I stumbled onto a fix and these are the steps I took.

1. Right click the Account and select edit/Delete Account
2. Click the Online Services Tab
3. Click Deactivate
4. Click the General Tab
5. If the Financial Institution field (top right box) has “Synchrony Bank Credit Cards” delete it
6. Click Online Services Tab
7. Click Set up Now… button
8. Quicken will now prompt for your financial institution and you can search for the card
9. Enter you sign in credentials for that card
10. When quicken locates the account click the right most dropdown and select link to existing account and select the account.

Now all your accounts should update with one step update again.
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