I can't Deactivate certain Charles Schwab Accounts

I have several accounts with Charles Schwab that were set up previously via Direct Connect update method. When trying to DeActivate the accounts to correct the recent Schwab / Quicken problems - I could only get one of the accounts to deactivate and not the rest???? Whenever i go in to the Edit Accounts page and hit Deactivate it prompts me to confirm I want to Deactivte and I click "Yes" and then nothing happens......
(I also tried to reactivate and even confirmed I have no pending transactions to accept)

Its just odd tht one of my accounts worked and the others didn't. FOr the one I deactivated I was able to successfully reconnect (via Web+ connect) and can download updates..

Any help would be appreciated.



  • jimaikins
    jimaikins Member ✭✭✭
    Good news/bad news: the most recent patch R36.45 will allow you to de-activate Direct Connect, however you won't be able to establish the required Express Web Connection....
  • knots72
    knots72 Member
    So I'll be able to Deactivate but cannot set up a new connection with Schwab?
    If this is correct, I guess we are waiting on further action from Quicken?
  • knots72
    knots72 Member
    I also have the (MondoPatch installed 37.25......is this more recent than the 36.45 you mention? I have checked for updates and Quicken says I have the most current.....
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