Schwab update created new, duplicate securities

In my Schwab investment accounts, after the connection change, the updates created a new security for most of my positions, by adding the stock symbol to the name (for example, where I owned Dodge, it created Dodge (DOGX)). Then it added placeholder shares with a grayed out entry in 1992 to reconcile to the “new” security. So my account now shows double the value and double the positions, but with 2 security names. Deleting the new entry doesn’t help, since each update creates it again. And I can’t edit the security names because it won’t “duplicate” the existing one. I don’t know of a way to change the hundreds of historical transactions on a macro basis (search and replace) to conform to the “new” securities that Quicken or Schwab seems to want to use. Mac, current version. Subscription.
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