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Schwab: A note from personal experience- Anybody else note that "dash" must be removed?

jzehring Member ✭✭
In one of the posts along with a suite of steps to take to reconnect to Schwab, the person noted - do not include the "dash" in the account number you enter. That is all I did after getting everything else to work up to the login. I now works --- to repeat: try removing the "dash" from the account number entered.


  • JimMa
    JimMa Member
    I needed to remove the forward slash from my account names in order to use the new connection.
  • jzehring
    jzehring Member ✭✭
    I didn't have a forward slash - so I guess this issue is not singular. Good to hear your figured out. It took me 5 days and a lot of different attempts to finally find this solution.
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