Schwab.......... Cannot get past CC-501 when trying to add accounts.

Have followed all instructions from Quicken, including update, (as of 11/24) and still get "Oops. We're having a problem CC-501" when trying to add accounts. Says to try again in a few hours, which I've done about 20 times over last few days.

Has this issue been resolved and maybe I'm just missing something?

Thanks for your help.


  • kirk
    kirk Member ✭✭
    What I think helped me was to open your default web browser and reset it to factory defaults. Some have said that just clearing the cache worked for them also. I reset Edge to factory defaults and that helped get rid of the 505 error. Good luck.
  • TPerk
    TPerk Member ✭✭
    Thanks. 501 error, not 505. Anyway set default from Chrome to Edge. Reset Edge. No help...........
  • TPerk
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