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I was told this was fixed... of not being able to download from Titan but not fixed. I called Titan they said they dont link up with Quicken but Quicken said they do. Does anyone know the REAL answer if we can download Titan Investment account info, I get a CC-501 Error. It keeps saying its temporary but its been over 1 month.


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  • Quicken Paloma
    Quicken Paloma Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @divina12253858

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. We apologize you are still having this persisting issue. I attempted to recreate this issue and was able to do so. However, since a CC-501 is a general error could you please submit a bug report with the log files, please? 

    You can do this by selecting Help >Report a problem. When you have a moment please submit the bug report and let us know!

    -Quicken Paloma
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