How to remove bills due and unpaids in old quicken file

have been using quicken since 1999, recently updated. In past quicken I make templates for specific years and was able to remove the unpaid bills and reminders. When I update these templates, the bills and reminders are listed again. I want to remove them


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    Are you asking: "In Prior years' Year End Copy files I created there still are all Scheduled Reminders. When I open an old Year End Copy archive file to work with it, these old reminders execute, adding unwanted transactions to the registers. How do I delete these reminders?"
    To delete these reminders one by one (sorry, no block delete available!), go into Tools / Manage Bill & Income Reminders. Click to select each of the reminders then click "Delete" in the Menu bar on top of the view.
    Don't forget to also go through all account registers and delete any unwanted register transactions newer than your file's cutoff date. As you know, you can block select register transactions and the delete all selected transactions with one delete command.
    To prevent unwanted changes in YEC archive files it might be a good idea to put a transaction password on the archive file (File Menu / Set password to modify transactions).
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