Charles Schwab - How I got out of the nightmare

I had all the issues. CC501's, infinite login/update issues, not downloading etc.etc. So here's how I solved it. I added steps to this link:

1) Reloaded from known good backup.
2) Deactivated all Schwab (I have two different accounts, one with 4 accounts and the other with 1 account.
3) Close out of Quicken.
4) Apply Mondo patch - link is in the above referenced link.
5) Open and close out of Quicken
6) Open Quicken and Deleted all OLD and unused Schwab accounts. I had one that I never activated but was still in the register.
7) Quit out of Quicken
8) Open Quicken and log out of Quicken. HELP, MY QUICKEN ACCOUNT, SIGN IN & SECURITY, (on the bottom/right panel) Sign Out of All Devices.
9) Quit Quicken and Re open it. Login to Quicken when you launch Quicken
10) Tools, Add Account. Choose "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc."
11) Add credential for the first account.
12) Tools, Add Account and pick the same Charles.... and added the second account.

Hope this helps


  • Hello @hansangb,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and provide resolution steps for your fellow Quicken users. I am sure others will find this helpful.

    Quicken Alyssa

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