It's 9:42 Pm on 11/26 and even with the latest version of Quicken, it cannot update Schwab

Please fix this ASA{


    MICKEYBNY Member ✭✭
    I tried all the remedies to validate, super validate, etc. and didn't worked. I then changed the settings in my security software (McAfee LiveSafe) to shut off the fire wall and real time scanning for virus protections. I shut off both for 60 minutes. The last part is what finally fixed the problem. Good luck as I worked for two days on this issue and spent over two hours on the phone with tech at Quicken.
  • Jake S
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    Thanks for trying to help out. Unfortunately, shutting off all the protections still did not solve the problem. I'm waiting for Quicken to provide a reasonable fix. [Removed-Speculation]
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