Feature request: Quicken should automatically calculate next check number when printing checks

The software should calculate the number of checks on the first page, based on checks and check numbers already printed. 

Right now I sometimes waste checks because I haven't clicked on the correct radio button for the number of checks on the first page.

Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s.


  • UKR
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    There's nothing Quicken can do about user error (not selecting the size of the first partial page) correctly.
    If you don't want to have to bother with that anymore, do as I do: Use Voucher checks (1 business size check per sheet with two stubs). No alignment errors. No hassle with partial pages not aligning or feeding correctly. But you will was some more paper and use some more ink ...
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    @Phil Burton Feature requests need to go into a special form area:

    I'm not going to babysit you and flag each misplaced post for moderator attention. Do it correctly yourself and don't make busywork for others.
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  • Phil Burton
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    So yes, precisely and technically correct, it is "user error."  However, as a retired software product manager (enterprise applications) I can state that "ease of use" was always a design goal, partly to reduce user error.  And some of my dev teams had a "user experience" designer, separate from classical software engineers, whose job it was to design workflows and interfaces.

    For this specific issue, Quicken should be smart enough so that if check #326 was printed on a page with three checks, that check #330 should normally be printed on a sheet with two pages.   Ease of use, and reduction of user errors.
    Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s.
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