Schwab solution...maybe

redhoward Member
OK, I made a little progress on the Schwab download problems. While the connection seems VERY fragile, I seem to be able to keep it connected for now. Here's what I did, pls note I'm on desktop mac:

- I disconnected all my accounts from Schwab one by one. (right click account name>account setting)
- When I get the new popup notice about Schwab, I hit CONTINUE entered my login creds and connected the accounts.
- The next time I connect and get the Schwab notice, I hit CANCEL or you have to do it all again.

- Next (and this seems to be important), every once in a while when I update I get a pop up that asks about my Quicken Cloud file. I don't use Quicken online so I've been clicking "take file offline." DON'T DO THAT. That seems to be the thing that disconnected my file from Schwab.
- Also, Quicken seems to have a bad habit of creating new cloud files. I looked and I had 7 of them (Quicken menu>preferences>connected services). I deleted all the old files and just kept the latest one.

The connection now seems to hold...for now.

Please note this may be specific to me, no guarantee this will work for you. The entire Quicken online connection, and the Mac client in specific, seems pretty unstable and riddled with bugs, so please PROCEED CAREFULLY and backup often.

Hope this helps.


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