Capital One and American Express [Edited]

Quicken worked fine for many years, now 2021 my accounts are a total mess from which I dont think I can recover. I had 2 accounts in Capital One and 2 on American Express. Somehow quicken kept coming up with Capital One authorization continuously, then managed to screw up entries in all of them. Manual reconciliation would be easier. How can I start from scratch to correct the Quicken mess? [Removed-Speculation] With updates I seem to have prettier graphs with more useless colors, but all I want is to simply synchronize correct amounts

So basically, how do I restart everything in 4 accounts?


  • Thomas Kohl
    Every time I try any DL updates (for other accounts selected) Capital One logon ALWAYS intercepts with extra lgon screens, even when not selected for Capital One *and then gets stuck in a loop). I dont want to lose Capital One data by deleting, think Ive tried about every other option. Has been doing this for months, I had hoped a Quicken solution would come

    A little scary that its so easy for Quicken/Capital One to mess ruin account access, I would think (hope) financial software would be more robust
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