Schwab Web Connect drops after I get it all working (after Schwab migration).

I have had Quicken for over 20 years, and this has been the worst experience I have ever had with the company. After going through numerous re-connect of my Schwab accounts it continues to drop the web connect account connections and I have to register the accounts and start all over again. I have also learned that when I have the problem of it not syncing, if I close the file and re-open it, it will sometimes work without have to re-register the accounts. What is the deal here folks? I have spent countless hours dealing with this ever since I was instructed to migrate to the new Schwab sync connections. I have tried calling support with to avail, and to be honest have already spent countless hours on this problem and getting no where with it. Quicken - you need to get this stable and resolved.


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    I have the same issues. Right now Schwab is not a stable connection for Quicken for me, so I make a backup not not requiring Schwab downloads to quicken, and revert to that. I try to add Schwab as a download every three days or so. But so far I get what you get. Then I revert to my backup. Quicken no longer reflects changes in my schwab accounts, which is not acceptable. [Removed - Speculation]  Looking ahead, I am transferring my assets to a brokerage that appears to have the best investment tools, and will not rely on Quicken as an aggregator across brokerages. For tax purposes, I continue to track spending via credit cards and bank accounts [Removed - Speculation]. I am also a premium long term user, but I can read the tea leaves.
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