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my automatic bill reminders are not posting.


  • DericRock
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    Were your automatic bill reminders set up as reminders or automatic entry? Are they appearing below the account register in Bill and Income Reminders?
    Maybe you could show us a screen shot of one that is not "posting" (without divulging any personal information). To do that (on Windows) click on Tools > Manage Bill and Income Reminders, select one in the list and click Edit.
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  • rich x
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    automatic entry.
    no, they are not showing below the account register in Bill and Income Reminders.

    I attached an example of one of the automatic entries as requested.

    I have 21 bills scheduled for 12/1/2021 of which 4 are automatic and 17 are reminders.
    I have only 3 of the 17 reminders showing up on the Income & Transfers page, and none of the automatic.

    I will need to wait a day as I switched most to reminder which is not working correctly either and posted them manually. I was all caught up, so there is nothing unposted.
    I have been using Quicken for 25 years and was a computer professional in my career.
    My reminders and automatic posts were working fine until 2-3 months ago.

    My reminders are also not working correctly.
    I left one unposted as a test. There is no red flag to the left of the account.
    Under Bill and Income Reminders (1 Due) is correctly showing, but under status, there are no entries.
    In the register, the item is there with an Overdue status.
  • Hello @rich x & @DericRock@DericRock

    Thank you for choosing the Community for your questions and concerns, though I apologize you are having issues with your reminders. 

    Can I have you both validate and super validate your data files? 

    To do this;
    1. Go to File.
    2. Choose Validate & Repair File.
    3. Check off the first box for Validate File and click Ok.
    4. Close the Datalog that populates after the validation has been completed.
    5. Go back to File.
    6. Hold down Crtl+Shift and click on Validate & Repair File.
    7. Check off the first box for Super Validate File and click Ok.
    8. Close the Datalog the populates after the super validation has been completed. 
    9. Close and Reopen Quicken.

    Now test out a couple of reminders to see if you are still seeing the same behavior with the auto feature. 

    Do let us know how this goes, thank you.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • rich x
    rich x Member, Windows Beta Beta
    the super validate aborted the first time
    i will get back to you as 3 of the auto bills should post on 12/1/2021.
    unfortunately they don't actually post until the next day on my computer, so i won't know until then.

    the credit card account does not have a red flag even though today has an automatic bill.
  • rich x
    rich x Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Auto reminders are still not working on my computer.
    I deleted two of them and re-entered them trying to see if the current ones just got corrupted
    i will report tomorrow if this worked
  • rich x
    rich x Member, Windows Beta Beta
    No automatic reminders are working on my quicken
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