CTP-2923 Issues with Schwab and Quicken

I have been having lots if issues many stemming from the changes of the changes from Schwab. FYI, I am running on version
1) When I try to “report a problem”, the software crashes. I do not see any other way to report issues, so I am bringing them up here. Is there a better way to post this bug?
2) Thanks for fixing the issue with Schwab with being able to download transactions, but now it looks like I am downloading years with of older transactions, which for me is a few thousand. While many transactions match, many do not. I am deleting them one at a time, for the new and partially matched, which is taking hours. Even the matched transaction will force me to reconcile the older transactions again, which is a pain, but not as bad as allowing new transactions I do not want. Why can’t you add a multi-select for investment accounts like you do for banking accounts?

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