Schwab Duplicate Transactions Not Limited to Last 30 Days - even with R37.37

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The update below came out today. I just tried to update my Schwab Checking account. Got 480+ days of duplicate transactions and an opening balance that suggests I was once a rich man. Alas no.

Do we have to do an update to limit duplicates to 30 days? When will this fix work?

UPDATED 11/29/21

Thank you to all who submitted your information. Schwab customers may still encounter duplicated downloaded transactions as part of the migration process, however our teams have released an internal fix which will limit the transaction downloads to the last 30 days instead of the default last 18 months of transaction history.


  • cwk
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    I have the same issue - 502 days of duplicate Schwab securities account transactions have been downloaded as I migrate to Express Web Connect+. This is with R36.45 (Build running on Windows 10 at 8pm eastern, 11/29/2021. How do I get the "internal fix" that limits transaction downloads to the last 30 days?
  • sonomaron
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    Consider yourself lucky, I got 2,590 days of transactions!
  • Ps56k2
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    Guessing it’s a behind the scenes server fix to internally limit the Schwab downloading … 
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    Quicken on Windows

    This [removed - profanity] update gave me over 10 years of Schwab duplication
  • Ps56k2
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    I just updated to R36.45 - but have NOT touched my Schwab account since 11/16 - today is 11/30 -
    Will wait to see more followup comments about the 30 day "internal fix" working... or not...
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  • Mike O'Brien
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    I have the same problem with one Schwab account downloading over 300 duplicate transactions (despite the 30 day fix announced 11/29/21) and another failing to download anything. I am also wondering when the supposed 30 day limit fix might actually work. I have been attempting the download everyday since the fix was announced. Mike O'Brien
  • BMonty
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    Same here. My last Schwab Bank investment checking update was 10/26/2021. Anymore transactions than from my last update is a problem. I have account transfers being wiped out, paycheck details wiped out affecting account transfers. This is messing up 18 months of checking registry entries. Recurring 'Matched' downloaded entries don't match by date (is that a reasonable expectation or just too much anal retentiveness?). I'll live with 30 days if I can get it. So where is it? :(
  • BMonty
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    ... and I used Mondo patch to get R37.37 to no avail.
  • wxman
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    none of this works right
  • Tom_2525
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    Got an email from the CEO today. Saying sorry, but everything is now fixed. I'm running Quicken Windows, R37.37.

    Downloaded Schwab checking account transactions. Got 103 transactions dating to July 2020. and my carrying balance going back well before that is way off.

    What am I supposed to do now? I can delete all these transactions but the carrying balance problem is incomprehensible.
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