How do I retrieve an attachment of a transaction?

I learned how to attach a receipt or image to any transaction, but whaen I wanted to review / retrieve that receipt, I couldn't find any help to retrieve it.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Two ways.
    • Make the Attachments column visible in your register. Then you'll see a paper clip you can click on when a transaction has attachments.
    • In a banking register, right-click a transaction and choose Attachments. In an investment register, select a transaction and click Attach. Unless the Attachments column is visible, you won't know in advance whether the transaction has attachments.

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    I don't want to dissuade you from using attachments in Quicken, but doing so will greatly increase the size of your Quicken data file...and quickly.

    And there is no way outside of Quicken to view those attachments.

    And if your Quicken data file ever gets corrupted, you could lose all those attachments. 

    Most Quicken power users advise others to collect receipts, warranties, subscriptions etc OUTSIDE of Quicken.  A simple folder hierarchy within your PC can do the trick.  

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