Schwab Update-No download option for cash and Cash investment parts of accounts

Everything has gone reasonably well in this awful and burdensome transition. All investment accounts are finally downloading but their allied cash and cash investment parts are not downloading and there is no Online services tab at all for them when I visit "Edit Account Details" for these cash portions of the account. (Quicken has always set up two accounts, cash, and investment, separately).

How do I restore online service to these cash portions of accounts?

I am running 37.25 of Home, Business and Rental Property.

Thank you.


  • hshemer
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    Had the same issues and found other discussions about this problem. Communicated today with Quicken Tech Support. Here are some answers I got today:

    "...It is a server connection error that came about due to a change at the bank;s end and our support team is aware of the issue.

    I have escalated your case to them so that the moment they have a solution to this, theyc an send it to you thorugh email..."

    and " ...If this issue does not get reoleved in the next 24 to 48 hours, our support team will open a discussion on the community website regarding this issue..."

    So perhaps it will get some traction soon, or at least a formal stats update from Quicken
  • Houston
    Houston Member
    :'( Thanks for reporting on your efforts. I thought this would be the case but I admire your persistence!

    Let's see what happens. It's two linked examples of the new paradigm. Companies become so big they don't care anymore and it is difficult to find alternate sources that are better than equally bad. It is not as if they couldn't foresee this. I am disappointed in both firms.
  • happycar
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    Using Quicken Premier R36.45 On Windows 10. It is a Royal PITA to sort through and delete the various Money Market fund Buys and sells especially at the end of the quarter when ETFs are paying dividends and the MMs are also paying dividends
  • David Bell
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    I am using Quicken R37.37, Build on Windows 10. I have been a fairly satisfied user for many years. To give some idea how long, I migrated my MS Money files to Quicken when MS dropped their support of Money. I depend on Quicken to track many investment, bank, and credit accounts. I have never been so frustrated with Quicken's lack of action in addressing their occasional issues.

    It started with Schwab, but other downloaded accounts have been affected, as is mentioned by others above. I have tried all the recommended repairs that have been offered by Quicken, and other users. I can no longer trust that the one step updates are happening accurately, or that the accounts have valid information on previously downloaded transactions. An audit of one of my Schwab accounts revealed that a majority of transactions between Jul 10, 2020 and Sep 15, 2021 have been mysteriously removed--dividends, buys and sells, bond interest payments, etc. GONE. In addition, all bond prices held in Schwab accounts have quit updating as of Nov 17, 2021. The bonds held in other accounts have continued to update pricing.

    I'm interested to hear from other users if they experienced the same, or other, problems. Does anyone feel that the problems have been corrected?

    Thank-you for reading my rant, and any comments that you care to share.

  • David Bell
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    I forgot to include the fact that when I attempt to "re-authorize" my Schwab accounts, one of them, an IRA account, does not appear.

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