Annoying notice about the way Quicken connects to Charles Schwab (IMac Quicken)

I'm running the latest Quicken version 6.4.4 for Mac. Every time I open Quicken I get the message that Charles Schwab is changing the way Quicken connects to accounts. I made the mistake twice of clicking on "Continue"! and ended up going through the process twice. Now I click cancel to continue.

QUESTION is - How do I get rid of this annoying step?


  • LarryNolan
    LarryNolan Member ✭✭
    edited November 2021
    I had same issue. It was solved by Closing unused Schwab accounts. (See Quicken->Accounts->Hide and Show Accounts). Since then I haven't been repeatedly asked to reconnect my Quicken database. The solution was a tip provided by Quicken Marcus.
  • jdvnv
    jdvnv Member ✭✭
    Thanks Larry. I'll try that
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