Cap One Account Issues after Installing R36.45 Update


  • Build R36.45 Has corrupted Capital One Bank banking accounts. I have Capital One Bank checking accounts, and I'm also a trustee for a family estate. When I log on Capital one's site with my ID and PW, all accounts are visible. The estate accounts also have their own Cap1 ID and PW, and the other trustee has a unique ID and PW; so that's three IDs and PWs for persons to access the estate accounts. Further, Capital One Bank changed the bank's routing number and converted some accounts to Capital One 360 accounts. PERHAPS THAT'S CONFUSED QUICKEN. AFTER INSTALLING THE MIGRATION PATCH (said to only migrate investing accounts), QUICKEN RE-ADDED ALL CAPITAL ONE BANKING ACCOUNTS AND A CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT REGISTERS WITH A NEW NAMES/ALIAS', EACH HAVING JUST AN OPENING BALANCE TRANSACTION. I had a telephone conversation and screen share session with a support representative who was working with me on the problem before our telephone connection went silent. In an attempt to work around the quicken "screw-up" it seemed like a solution to begin working with the newly created account registers and then deactivating online update of the original account registers--BUT THE DEACTIVATE BUTTON DOES NOT FUNCION. CLICKING IT DOES NOT "DEACTIVATE". It's really sad, but I think that Quicken is "dying" unless the R36.45 "fiasco" gets addressed and fixed!
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    Also the newly added account registers--although transactions download, there is no field in the register that displays the online balance. CRTL-R reconcilliation dialog offers to either "download recent transactions before reconciling--even though the latest transactions have downloaded; or to use a paper statement. THINGS JUST ARE NOT WORKING RIGHT!!!
  • Hello @markbesmen16736,

    Thank you for taking the time to add to this discussion, though I apologize that you have been experiencing issues.

    Are the issues you described above only pertaining to Capital One accounts?

    Quicken Alyssa

  • ... EVEN MORE: (Re. my two previous comments) is it possible to roll-back the R36.45 update?
  • Alyssa: Yes, my problem is only with Capital One Banking accounts. Following the R36.45 update/migration. Update opened new account registers for my banking and credit card accounts. For example; a checking account named "AliasName XX1234" in the account list was unlinked and added as "XXXX1234" (using fictitious names) and a red circle-lined icon was at the left of the "AliasName XX1234". Both accounts were activated. Update downloaded new transactions into the "XXXX1234" account. I tried deactiving the "AliasName XX1234" account, but the deactivate button was inactive when clicked. My current solution was to restore a backup made prior to the R36.45 "problem" and deactivate all Capital One Bank Accounts and resort to manual entry and reconciliation. I use Update for other banking, credit and investing accounts; BUT the Capital One Bank "add account" message/dialog window still pops up and needs to be canceled to complete the update--SOMETHING SEEMS QUITE WRONG WITH THAT! (Note: there are no Capital One Bank accounts in the update window--the window having check boxes for accounts, sync, and asset price downloads.)
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    markbesmen16736 said: Alyssa: Yes, my problem is only with Capital One Banking accounts.
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