Repeatedly get "downloaded data from account that does not exist"

When I do the One Step Update, I repeatedly get error OL-362-A, "Your financial institution has downloaded data for an account that does not exist in your Quicken data file," on two of my institutions, Merrill Lynch and E*Trade. I found an article about what to do when this happens, and following what it says I deactivated and reactivated downloads for the two accounts. This works, but only one time - after downloading successfully once, it goes back to failing the next time. I've done this quite a few times now and it's always the same, it only works once. Does anyone know why it's doing this and how to fix it permanently?


  • Quicken Alyssa
    Hello @Doctor B,

    Thank you for coming to the Community to report the issues you are having, though I apologize that you are experiencing them. 

    I looked into your account from our side and I can see that you recently made a test file. Did you see the same issue happening there? 

    Look forward to hearing back from you on this. Thank you.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Doctor B
    Doctor B Member
    I had made a test file, but that was actually to debug a different problem and I had deleted it already. So I created a new one to try this, and it has not happened with that file, but it also hasn't happened with my real file either during the same timeframe. So it seems like it doesn't happen as often as I thought, it's not every time I update. Unfortunately I didn't keep careful track, but I believe it happened two or three times in a row, that was why I thought it was happening every time. Anyway, I guess I will have to wait for it to happen again in my normal file, and when it does, I'll also try the test file. (Or if I'm lucky, it just won't happen again!) Thank you for your help so far, I'll post if it happens again.
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