Quicken Mac Prompts "new" Schwab Login Every Time

In addition, inconsistent transaction downloads for different Schwab accounts (some missing, some duplicated).
Since the updates in November I have not been able to use Quicken anymore for Schwab, I've spent many hours debugging, restoring, unlinking or re linking. The best solution I have now is to use Quicken only for credit cards and manual transactions and no longer use it for managing investments (have been using it for many years until now).
The problems are too numerous to detail and it costs me time and therefore money to investigate; I simply need a working product. Is there an ETA for a fix?


  • jarthurg
    jarthurg Member
    Having to log into Schwab every time to download transactions and updated quotes is unacceptably cumbersome. What's worse, one of my accounts magically appeared in Quicken (Mac) as valued at $88,000,000 rather than the more modest and accurate $1,500,000. Is Quicken giving away free money??
  • LarryNolan
    LarryNolan Member ✭✭✭
    @jarthurg Check the outrageously valued account to see what investment is in error and then check transactions to see if a Buy transaction has wrong number
    (too many) of shares purchased. I have that error for one Bond in one Schwab account, along with missing shares.
  • Sweeneypc
    I have the same issue with Schwab--having to log into Schwab every time to download transactions and some transactions are not appearing on my Quicken account.
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