R37.37 update and Schwab issues??

I'm one of the people that have gone through this whole schwab saga . I was, with Supports help, able to get all the accounts deactivated and properly activated to this new web connect + method, however, I was never able to get any transactions downloaded except for Checking account. Even there It downloaded transactions but somehow totally changed what the prior reconcile total amount was. So now, for no reason, my reconcile is totally messed up and not working.

I then installed R37.37 this morning and my immediate problem now is I can not see, nor get to, any of the transaction registers for each brokerage accounts... I can't see the transaction data at all. If I click account on left it shows me all this account summery info on right but no matter what I click I cant see any downloaded transactions old or new... This is bizarre. How can I download and accept transactions if I no longer even have that screen. I have clicked everywhere trying to get this view back . Man this has been a long couple weeks with this mess..

I wanted to test if R37.37 resolves the inability to download brokerage transactions but hard to test if I can even see the screens.


  • RYoule80439
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    I have been struggling with the Schwab account situation for a week now, and I have spent over twenty hours trying to solve the problem. I have two Schwab brokerage accounts and a Schwab checking account. No matter how many different ways I try to activate and reactivate these accounts within Quicken, it never works. Either the accounts are mismatched (i.e., brokerage accounts download within Quicken to the Schwab bank account) or I get hundreds of duplicate downloaded transactions. Early on, I spent 40 minutes online with Quicken support, which solved absolutely nothing. Since then I've been following the discussion strings here. Again, the various purported fixes do not work. Can't Quicken do anything to solve this? It's more than frustrating.
  • Steven D
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    AMEN RYoule80439.... AMEN!! Quicken needs to get this fixed yesterday!
  • Hub
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    With the 37.37 update I was able to download my Schwab accounts and included the transactions, but I had previously deactivated all my Schwab accounts, even closed accounts, and deleted the zzz-download under the financial institution. It now shows as Charles Schwab again. The downloaded links also worked. Only issue I had was my wife's account needed a separate login as noted in previous posts.
    Seems to now work.
    Hopefully there are no more issues.
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