Schwab Downloads Still Not Working for Me - December 1

I figured I'd wait a while to see if things got worked out. Two Quicken updates later (Windows 11), I tried and it failed again. Issues include:
1. One-Step Update not updating Schwab account transactions. (All other accounts updating correctly.)
2. Quotes for securities that only Schwab seems to know about (e.g., Muni bonds) are not updating. (Before all these issues, they used to.)
3. When I go into one of my Schwab accounts and choose update transactions manually, they do update.

It used to be I hit one step update and everything updated (Schwab and all other accounts) automatically. Security prices for Schwab accounts were current. Push one button-->everything updates automatically. Now I have little faith that anything is actually working.

Any suggestions?


  • twmartinv
    twmartinv Member ✭✭
    Follow up. Now when I go into a Schwab account and select Update Transactions, I get a message that it is unable to update any Schwab accounts. Please help me. This data base is years old.
  • John Prewitt
    John Prewitt Member ✭✭✭
    I got hold of someone at Charles Schwab who has answers for this issue. It appears that some account types such as business accounts lack the Eligibility to Share Account Data with a Third-Party. Within the next month Schwab will be rolling out enhancements that will allow clients to re-link these accounts.
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