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Updated Schwab brokerage account has placeholders instead of previous transactions

Sooo.. I reauthorized my Direct-connect Schwab account so that I could use the new style connection. Instead of using my old account Quicken created a new account and filled it with placeholders instead of my previous transactions. The new account gets updated transactions randomly it seems but it is still filled with the placeholders. How do I get all of my transaction history from my old account to the new one?


  • Conrad
    Conrad Member ✭✭
    I have the same issue. My IRA investments disappeared from the "Investing" list. The IRA now shows only the cash balance. I tried to update the placeholders using the "enter cost" selection and it merely doubles the number of shares in the placeholder. Yet, when I look at the IRA register, all the purchases and the prices are still there. I tried starting over with a back-up QDF file from an earlier date and the same thing happened.
  • tdewey1
    tdewey1 Member
    The change to downloads from Schwab is a disaster. I spent several hours on Saturday and Sunday the 20th-21st with no resolution. Finally accepted the mess and lost several years of Category data and had to manually re enter all my Reminder data. Reconciling my Bank statement was a nightmare. Totally unprofessional||
  • Conrad
    Conrad Member ✭✭
    Update to my earlier comment. I decided to delete the placeholder transactions, starting with one of the more recent purchases. Deleting the placeholder caused the investment to re-appear in the list of investments for my IRA account on the "Investments" tab. I deleted all the placeholders (37 of them in all) and now all appears to be as it should be. I performed the deactivate-reactivate procedure with Schwab for all my accounts there and everything seems to be working as it should.
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