Why is Quicken not downloading transactions for my Citi credit card?

In chat with Quicken, I was told this was a known issue and was pointed to the thread "ONGOING 11/28/21 Citi Bank Citi Cards CC-502/102". However, in my case Quicken is not reporting any error or problem with the transmission--it acts like it has been successful but it does not download any transactions. And yes, there are definitely new posted transactions to download. This has been happening for at least a month. It does not work at any time of the day. The only way I can get it to download is to "reset connection"...and then on future updates it keeps not working. This seems like a different problem than the one described in the thread above.


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    Are you connecting with Quicken Connect or Direct Connect? I haven't had any issues with D/C lately with my Citi Cards. If you are using Q/C, try changing to D/C (free for Citi Cards). You may have to authorize it on Citi's website.
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  • It is using Quicken Connect (my preference) and has been doing so successfully for years. This problem I'm experiencing is a new development with Quicken Connect. Incidentally, I have another separate Citi card that is also connected via Quicken Connect and it has not been experiencing problems. I have mentioned this latter detail to Quicken Support in chat. I do not know whether it is relevant, but it is curious to say the least.
  • This thread is not for a debate on the "vastly superior" benefits of D/C. I choose Q/C because I do not wish for Quicken to have the ability to move my money between accounts. I don't use Quicken to pay my bills. My choice.
  • For now at least, this problem seems corrected. Quicken Connect has provided the first successful download in over a month.
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