OSU not updating quotes for Simple Investing Schwab accounts

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edited December 2021 in Investing (Windows)
Problem 1: After going through the Schwab deactivation/reactivation/reauthorization, one step update (OSU) does not update share prices for investment accounts that use Quicken Simple Investing. Even when the market is open. All balances remain as of a prior time. It always used to. 

Problem 2:
Now when I go to a Simple investing screen (4 quadrants) and click update quotes. I get changes in balances, which are correct..but the screen is odd: The Total value (upper left quadrant) has the share vallues but the title is Top Movers, not Total Value. Value over time (upper right quadrant) is correct, but the whole bottom half of the screen pertains to placeholders, which is not a characteristic of Simple Investing. The "Portfolio by Security" graph, which normally appears in the upper right quadrant shows just a piece of it above the words "Value over Time"..it is as if someone scrolled down on the main paige of a Simple Investing account, but there is no scroll bar. The :"Top Movers' which should be in the lower left quadrant, does not appear. What is the problem?
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