501 Errors with TIAA Bank

I have been getting 501 errors with TIAA Bank for almost 2 weeks now.. My last successful download from the bank was 2 weeks today... I have contacted Quicken support and TIAA Bank who have not resolved it.. I can get into the Bank on its website but not through Quicken to download transactions... Wondering if there are any other TIAA Bank users having the same problems... I know it's talking somehow since if I use the wrong username/password.. I get a 503 error back for a bad username/password.. once the correct one is used, I get 501...

Thanks out there..


  • beagleboy30
    beagleboy30 Member ✭✭
    Have same exact problem. It started for me 11/24/21. Tried Chat support...but they dropped my chat connection after 30 minute wait. Hoping Quicken is monitoring this discussion site.
  • Quicken Alyssa
    Hello all, 

    We currently have an Open Alert for this issue. Please use the provided link to get to the alert. From there you can bookmark it, so you can follow it for updates on the issue. 

    Thank you. 

    Quicken Alyssa

  • beagleboy30
    beagleboy30 Member ✭✭
    Although this solution makes no sense, this is process I went thru that finally worked:
    - Crested Test quicken file
    - Added TIAA Bank accounts with success
    - Ran one step update on test file with success
    - Opened “original/real" quicken file
    - Ran one step update with failure
    - Agent Advised to contact support on Mon-Fri for the escalation team.
    - However, before calling again, I went back to Quicken, I ran a manual import from the TIAA Bank export file. During that import process I was given the option to “update” to Quicken, which I did and then it found my bank accounts. I had to link them to existing accounts and it finished successfully. However, there were three months of extra transactions downloaded, but it was quick to sort them by date and delete the old transactions.
    - I then ran One Step Update again and everything worked ok.
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