If you're not able to download certain type of Schwab accounts

It's possible, just like me, you have an account type that Schwab Compliance explicitly decided to no longer support as part of the transition to Express Web Connect+. These are typically accounts with either a limited power of attorney, financial power of attorney, or authorized agent.

If you would like to continue having access to those accounts (as you did before this change), please call this direct line to Schwab Tech Support - 800.433.9196 and request they provide a FIX ASAP. The agent I spoke with has been fielding lots of calls on this topic and frankly admitted the more complaints they receive, the more likely a fix will be made available.

If you suspect this is happening to your accounts, navigate to the "Security Center" on Schwab's website and examine the accounts listed under the Quicken dropdown. If that list is a subset of all your accounts, my friends this has happened to you as well.
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