Schwab debacle resulted in 2 old closed accounts being added to almost every one of my Files.

Years ago I realized I did not want my business accounts in the same File as my personal accounts so I created new Files to separate accounts. While unsuccessfully trying to get transactions downloaded from Schwab recently Quicken connected me to their Cloud somehow. Now every account contains 2 hidden accounts that have not been used in over 10 year and are unrelated to the Quicken File they have been added to. They show up under Separate "More Accounts" . I Restored my data from a backup that was made prior to Schwab's data conversion in November 2021 but, the 2 bad accounts are still there. How can I completely remove these old accounts? I have turned off the Cloud thru Preferences -> Cloud and Mobile.


  • Daniel Adams
    Daniel Adams Member ✭✭
    I figured it out. Had to Unhide files then they were accessible to delete. Still not sure how this occurred but suspect the Cloud.
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