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Victor Hobbs
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I have been using Quicken for Mac with NO problems for five years. I have Credit Cards (with individual account pages), and a single "Checking" (called "Cash" account on the side-bar "All Transactions" summary). These I manually on my computer transfer credit card payments, when paid, to my computer "Checking" account by the Quicken transfer method. I also ADD income amounts when received from my bank, by the computer . Until now, this has always provided me with correct balances daily, in advance, so that it will show me upcoming anticipated balances. However, and maybe due to something I have done..... I have not been able to discover "what"..... this has now changed so that the negative deductions for credit cards show on their correct Credit Card pages (accurately) ....but they also appear "cumulatively", by individual payments at the foot of the "Checking" account, grouped by each and every credit card account page, and with overall cumulative credit card payment $$s. This shows an overall "Balance", NOT a useful figure and shown by line-item!!

This is highly confusing, and does NOT SHOW current "Todays balance" on the "Checking (or so-called "Cash") side-bar balance, not a useful figure at all! Hence the optional "Balance" item has to be deleted from the columns on >:) "Checking" (Cash) account page.

As I have said this has only recently changed from the previous satisfactory results. Help please! (I hope I have explained the confusion/situation accurately enough!)
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    Victor: sorry for the late response but since no one else responded, better late than never. <grin>

    If you click on the three-dots button at the top of the sidebar (to the right of the Sync and Plus buttons), and then select the last item in the pop-up menu: "Expand All Sidebar Groups", I hope you will discover that under Cash there now appears the individual checking account that you seem to have "misplaced".

    What probably happened is that you clicked on the blank space to the left of the group name Cash. If you move the mouse to this space you should observe a "V" or ">" icon appear: this icon, when clicked upon, hides or reveals the individual accounts that are part of the group named Cash.

    If you have trouble with this description: observe the group name Barking in the sidebar. Notice the "V" or ">" icon preceding the word Banking. This icon for Banking is always visible but works in the same way as the invisible icon before each group name (which can be discovered by moving the mouse over the space where the icon exists.)

    Hope this helps.
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