BNY Mellon-Pershing Sync Issues

Mark Porter
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I have several accounts with Personal Capital who uses Pershing as their clearing broker. I've had some sync issues recently (Quicken has received data that doesn't have an account in Quicken) which I attempted to resolve by deleting the accounts and re-adding them. After multiple attempts, I have the 3 accounts added and syncing. However, the balances are off from what shows on Pershing's site. Moreover, when adding them, a bunch of securities come to Quicken without cost info, creating hundreds of placeholders. A Quicken support person said it was a Pershing issue, which doesn't make any sense. I've now contacted both and am directly in the middle. Wonder if anyone else has experienced this and how I can make Quicken Support aware of this issue since it seems pretty clear it's a sync issue with the way Quicken is downloading info from Pershing.


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    I'm not familiar with any BNY / Pershing / Personal Capital / etc. transaction download issues.
    But I'd like to point out that deleting an account, together with all its transactions (possibly from several years) is NOT going to solve a download issue. It will only make the hole you're in much deeper. In many cases, deactivating and reactivating an account may have solved the connectivity problem.
    I recommend you restore your Quicken data file from a backup taken before you started deleting account registers and start over.
    If your investment register does not match the records at the brokerage, you need to figure out what's wrong and manually correct it. Placeholder transactions need to be resolved or deleted and replaced with a correct transaction. However you do it, every month end, your register needs to match the brokerage records' number of shares owned and cash balance.
  • Mark Porter
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    Thanks, unfortunately I'd already tried deactivating/reactivating. With Quicken support we created a new test data file and set up the accounts in that and got the same results: hundreds of transactions that lack cost. Since the data is all at Pershing, and visible on their website, it's not clear to me why Quicken isn't able to download all the data with the associated original cost. Which is why it appears to be a Quicken sync issue to me.
  • I have been happily downloading my transactions as well and all of a sudden I am getting an error message "Server Communication Error - Can't Setup PERSHING,LLC". My login credentials haven't changed and are stored in my keychain. I can login directly to with no problem using my credentials. Something appears to be up with the Quicken Connect connection. I am using the Mac version of Quicken and am getting this error.
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