Schwab transaction download goes through motions but nothing entered in register

In response to the 12/1 announcement from Quicken of a fix to the Schwab download problem I tried to update my copy but Quicken said that I was up to date with R36.45 while the announcement said I needed R37.37. I was able to update to R37.37 by downloading the "Mondo Patch" but, come on Quicken, if there is a later version than what I am running why does "Check for Updates" tell me I'm on the latest version?

I had to reset my Schwab accounts to get Quicken to pretend to connect to Schwab. It goes throuhg the motions of downloading transactions but only one of the several transactions since 11/15 that I see on the Schwab website actually downloaded into Q. Furthermore, this update to R37.37 broke communication with my Fidelity accounts. Reseting these accounts got them to connect to Fidelity by not to download known transactions. Checking "Automatically add to investment transaction lists" per Quicken Sarah's 12/2 announcement makes no difference to either Schwab or Fidelity so now I'm worse off than when this problem started.

I have a hard time believing that these problems only affect some Schwab users and not others because it affects every download attemp I make. If there is a difference then identify it and use it to build a solution. Since managing investments is half the reason I have used Q for some 25 years (managing cash accounts is the other half) then I need to look at other solutions. I don't like the security and privacy risks of cloud-based solutions but they are improving. I would really like to continue keeping my consolidated financial data local but I need a product that actually works.


  • wxman
    wxman Member ✭✭
    Same here, absurd!
  • mopgcw
    mopgcw Member
    I am having the same exact issue today as well. spins, says 18 new transactions, but nothing in the register. using 37.37 as well.
  • Peter O'Neill
    I just tried downloading this afternoon and this time it worked for both Schwab and Fidelity. Newly downloaded transactions are indicated by blue dots. Thanks Quicken for finally fixing this, I hope that you have learned better how to handle such changes in the future.
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