I am using Quicken R37.37, Build on Windows 10. I have been a fairly satisfied user for many years. To give some idea how long, I migrated my MS Money files to Quicken when MS dropped their support of Money. I depend on Quicken to track many investment, bank, and credit accounts. I have never been so frustrated with Quicken's lack of action in addressing their occasional issues.

It started with Schwab, but other downloaded accounts have been affected, as is mentioned by others above. I have tried all the recommended repairs that have been offered by Quicken, and other users. I can no longer trust that the one step updates are happening accurately, or that the accounts have valid information on previously downloaded transactions. An audit of one of my Schwab accounts revealed that a majority of transactions between Jul 10, 2020 and Sep 15, 2021 have been mysteriously removed--dividends, buys and sells, bond interest payments, etc. GONE. In addition, all bond prices held in Schwab accounts have quit updating as of Nov 17, 2021. The bonds held in other accounts have continued to update pricing.

I'm interested to hear from other users if they experienced the same, or other, problems. Does anyone feel that the problems have been corrected?

Thank-you for reading my rant, and any comments that you care to share.



  • maeagle
    maeagle Member ✭✭
    Cd Prices and Option prices have not updated since Nov 12 and 21. Not fixed yet.
  • S211
    S211 Member
    I am experiencing the same. Accounts with Schwab, Cap One, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, and others are now experiencing update failures and errors. And when I disable and enable online connections existing accounts don’t appear or cannot be linked. I think there is a major problem that Quicken is not yet disclosing.
  • HH21
    HH21 Member
    PNC, Citibank, Bank of America downloads do NOT work. Errors are different for each. I have tried to re-link accounts. Asked for code from cell phone. Still does not work. Click the "Fix" does not work.
  • Richard Storm
    I've had three days of effort going into reconnecting Quicken to my Schwab account and getting it working. At this point I believe all is well but here are the issues I ran into.
    1. Initial error message was "opps we couldn't connect, try again later"
    subsequently was prompted for an update and downloaded the R36.45 update. Restarted the computer and had the same non-discript error. Did some reading and found that downloading the MONDO patch might be necessary. I did that and discovered it was the same exact thing as the R36.45. I didn't bother to install. I came back the next day and tried the update then I got the SCHWAB Requires REAUTHORIZATION message.
    2. Going through the re-authorization process I discovered that they wanted a new password set on SCHWAB and provided an interface to do that. I set a new password and a window popped up with Next and Cancel options. The message said if I click next the information will not be saved. Well I assumed CANCEL would do the same thing so I clicked "go to quicken". Will the password was not saved. I went directly to Schwab and changed my password there. The next attempt with Quicken I bypassed the change password at Schwab and proceded through the remainder of the process. That worked. My recommendation would be to do the password change directly at the Schwab site.
    3. At this point I was able to connect to Schwab with the Update process ;however, It came up with a bunch of balance disagreement errors. What I found is that all the previous dividend re-investments had been coded as "PURCHASE" and the new downloads are coded as "ReinvestDiv. The information in the previously downloaded transaction was exactly the same as the ReinvestDiv transaction ;however, Quicken did NOT match up the transactions. The end result is that all the dividend re-investments were duplicated in Quicken with the result that the Shares owned no longer agreed with the numbers at Schwab. I downloaded the transaction history for each of my stocks from Schwab and proceeded to go through the Quicken transaction file and deleted the purchase transactions that were duplicated with a ReinvestDiv entry. I also found entries recorded as purchase thru previous transaction downloads that were not duplicated; however, they were in the Schwab transaction history. Those I edited to change them to "ReinvestDiv". I do not know is this issue was a problem with Schwab or Quicken but I do know the previous downloads were a Cash Dividend followed by a Purchase.
    4. The Updated downloads from Schwab also made a stock reappear that I had sold a year ago. It seems the final sale of the fractiional shares had disappeared. I had to manually update that in Quicken based on the transactions I printed off from Schwab.
    5. I also discovered an UNKNOWN SECURITY entry with several share purchases that had downloaded into Quicken. I went into my Quicken transaction history and found 5 transactions flagged as NEW that were labled as UNKNOWN SECURITY. I deleted them and at last my stocks and share values all agreed with Schwab. I then ran another Quicken UPDATE and the Unknown security entries did not reappear.

    I have used Quicken since ~1998 and have always been happy with how it worked. My investment account was originally at USAA and was transferred to Schwab at the end of May 2020. That changeover was interesting, but not necessarily painful. This update to the connection process with Schwab was cluster. I do realize that Schwab REQUIRED Quicken to make changes to the connection method and perhaps were caught a bit off-guard by that change.
  • voyagr7
    voyagr7 Member ✭✭
    My Schwab connections are working now. My story is somewhat similar to Richard’s (comment at 2:46 pm). Many hours spent over the past couple of weeks trying to get Schwab accounts reauthorized. Biggest roadblock for me was CC-501. Couldn’t get past it. And then, after reinstalling R37.37 for probably the tenth time and signing out and back into Quicken and a side trip to see if there was something wrong with my ISP’s DNS server, all of a sudden the CC-501 went away and I was able to log on to Schwab and go through the reauth process. I am back to updating transactions again with only a couple of glitches. Fingers crossed for this to be the final fix. Thanks to Quicken staff for addressing all the problems, although I am amazed and disappointed that this has gone on for at least two weeks.
  • rqallen
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    I just finished a call with Quicken Support (well qualified individual). Ever since the Schwab "tear-over" I have been having a minor problam in that whenever I do updates to ANY of my WEB EXPRESS CONNECT accounts individually or a full "One-Step" I get a pop-up from Citibank asking me to Add Account. Once I cancel the pop-up all the updates complete normally. The agent I just spoke with says Quicken is aware of the problem and a future update will fix it. He suggested I wait and that's what I am going to do. How, or even if, this is related to the Schwab conversion I have no idea, but that is when my problem started.
  • Bar11$ney#
    I'm mostly back working with Schwab on web express but no bond or option values update. Quicken still has work to do.
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