Schwab Debacle

So, after many days of attempting to get my Schwab accounts to re-activate in Quicken, I was somewhat successful.

But, only 2 of my 3 Schwab accounts will download the current fund prices. I've tried to deactivate-reactivate, delete then add back, have the latest version of Quicken.

I've been with Quicken support for many, many hours with no luck.

When (if ever) will this be resolved?????


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    Like everyone else, I had a lot of problems. My accounts with Schwab are investor checking, Intelligent Portfolio regular and Roth IRAs, non-IP regular and Roth IRAs, and a brokerage account. The first time I migrated, it was a disaster. In particular, I couldn't associate my IP accounts with the existing Quicken accounts (they just didn't show up on the list). And I had one account which simply wouldn't re-connect. Today, I reverted to a backup of my quicken file and went through the migration again. This time, I re-connected the accounts that showed correctly and that worked. My checking account would not associate, so I re-added that by deactivating online services, clearing out the financial institution on the account and then going through the activation again. But I did NOT choose the Schwab logo from the first screen that appears. I searched for Schwab and there are 4 options to choose from. One was investor checking, so I chose that, entered my credentials and not only did the bank account come back to life, the other IRA accounts that didn't work on the initial migration got fixed too!
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    I have 3 accounts with Schwab. One is a retirement account through my employer that is accessed via

    Schwab instituted a single sign on a few years ago where my retirement account would show on with my Schwab brokerage accounts. Up until this disaster a few weeks ago, it was no issue with quicken updating all of these as I had the direct connect for my retirement account separate from the direct connect on the brokerage accounts.

    When I had to re-authenticate, the account brings in the retirement account from However, the retirement account won't update the daily prices. I suspect it's because it's trying to go to the wrong connection site.

    I've attempted, with no luck, to change the connection address and keep getting errors. Very frustrating when it used to work great now not so much......I'm almost ready to [removed - profanity] quicken and gow with [another product].

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    So after 3 weeks, I finally got my three Schwab accounts linked and downloading between Quicken and Schwab. The secret sauce that worked for me..

    1. Running available here...

    2. Discovered in one of my wife's Schwab accounts, which I maintain manually because of low activity, had zzz-Schwab and an account number in the account details dialog. I deleted all info, checked that it was not activated, and clicked OK. I think this was the detail holding me back... no old Schwab mention can exist in Quicken if new links are to be created under the new Schwab protocol.

    3. Reviewed my three Schwab account detail dialogs and confirmed that name and acct number fields were blank. All three accounts were deactivated.

    4. Used Add New Account to connect to Charles Schwab instead of the Set-Up facility associated with the account registers... more top level, I suppose, although the screens look the same.

    5. Designated with the check the three of the seven total Schwab accounts I have that are to be linked to corresponding accounts back in Quicken.

    6. Clicked Back to Quicken and amazingly, I was given the account linking window that I haven't seen since November.

    7. Matched up the existing accounts with the three Schwab accounts and clicked OK...

    All back to normal!!
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