Reconnecting Schwab Accounts in Mac

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I'm having trouble reconnection Schawb account in Quicken Mac. Quicken support walked me through how to reconnect, but now when I request a download update, Quicken reconnects all the accounts, creating duplicate accounts. Anyone have any ideas about this?


  • I have the same problem.
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    I have this problem too. I called Charles who told me account was properly setup with full access and permissions my account was simply not loading. I also received email quicken acknowledging there have been some problems. Seems to me Quicken does not have solution ....... so we just need to wait
  • Hello all,

    Thank you for coming to report your issue in the Community, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    Are you certain that all accounts were deactivated before you tried reconnecting them? I think we should start there and try this again. 

    To do this; 
    1. Click on the Schwab accts one by one from the list on the left of your Quicken.
    2. Go down to Settings in the bottom right corner of the register.
    3. Click on the Downloads tab, then click Disconnect.
    4. Once that is done for all Schwab accounts, go to Accounts at the top of your screen.
    5. Select Hide & Show from the menu options and make sure there are no old/hidden accounts still connected. 
    6. Use the plus sign(+) in the top left of your Quicken to reconnect the accounts. 
    7. Choose Charles Schwab & Co and go through the prompts to reauthorize.
    8. When accounts are found/authorized be sure to LINK them to the existing accounts in your Quicken.

    Do let us know how this goes!

    Quicken Alyssa

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