Incomplete share transfer between accounts

As part splitting assets in a divorce, I was transferring shares from a joint brokerage account to 2 individual brokerage accounts (at the same brokerage). The transfers were doing well until I got to a transfer of some JNJ stock. The transfer was for 47 shares to one of the individual accounts. Quicken crashed during the transfer operation. I restarted quicken and saw that there were registry entries for the transfers so I moved on and completed all of the rest with no further problems.

However, the one transfer operation that took place when the crash occurred resulted in an incomplete transfer of shares to the new account. The register in the originating account has the shares out transaction for the 47 shares, but only 35.189 shares showed up in the destination account. There are no JNJ shares remaining in the original account.

I ran a validate on my Q file but it showed no issues. The (approximately) 12 shares have just vanished.

Not sure what the next step should be. A simple solution would be to just do a Add Shares in the destination account and be done with it, but I would be interested if there is a cleaner, more appropriate, approach to recover the shares that were lost.

Running the latest version of Premier on Windows.


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    First, I would back up the current file -- just in case.

    I would delete any remnants of that original transfer - the Remove and any and all related Adds. 
    Then I would back up the file again, and try the Shares Transferred again.  

    Since you cited that 35.189 shares did transfer, I suspect that security includes multiple lots through payroll contributions or a reinvest-dividends program.  As such, I suspect you need to track / monitor / accommodate each of the lots going forward.  You can duplicate the Shares Transferred actions by manual entries of the Remove Shares and Add Shares transactions.  The Remove is easy enough; it is the Add that gets strenuous including the correct number of shares, the correct cost, and the correct acquisition date for each lot.  You choice if you want to or need to be that accurate with all the entries.

    So a single Add for the missing 11+ shares can certainly be done, if it works for you.

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